Coronavirus Update


Rooms 2

1. It is our intention during this time to continue to offer a Paediatric Surgical service through my main rooms at 48 Flemington Road, Parkville, the consulting clinic at Mitcham Hospital and the rooms at Epworth Eastern Box Hill. Every effort will be made to provide a safe environment for consultation and ongoing care.

2. We know that at this time separation is a very good way of preventing the transmission of the virus and we would ask that only the child who is experiencing a problem and one guardian attend the appointments.

3. Because of the risk to the older community we would suggest that people over 65 should not attend these appointments, though if this is necessary to allow the appointment to go ahead then contact the rooms in advance so that we can make proper arrangements to protect that person.

4. With all consultations it is difficult to know exactly how long each consultation will take and thus being exact with our timing of appointments. It may be necessary at times if there is potential overcrowding to ask people to move into more open areas until the appointment is ready to proceed. We will also endeavour to book reduced number of appointments to try and avoid appointments stacking up onto of one another.

5. We are able to offer telehealth assessments, but this can limit assessment with certain conditions. If you feel this is something you would like to consider then please let us know at the time you consult the rooms and we will make every effort to try and facilitate this. We will inform you if we feel telehealth may limit our ability to fully assess the problem.

6. There has been some concern about presenting to 48 Flemington Road as the building is attached to the Royal Children’s Hospital. I would like to strongly reinforce that this building is not part of the regular working environment of the Royal Children’s Hospital and the rooms are very distant from the clinical areas including the wards and the operating theatres.

7. We will provide detailed directions about ways of accessing the car park and the lifts so as to avoid any exposure to the hospital itself.

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